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Dear visitors, welcome to the website of ARRS FORWARDING Ltd. I wish you to find in these pages  the necessary information related to our activities in the shipping and forwarding.

We want to express our belief that this information will help you to understand  correctlythe freight forwarding, transportation and other activities associated with the transport and forwarding.

Ing. Dušan Lalík, CEO.


We offer qualified and comprehensive services based on long-term knowledge of traffic and transport, which should help you to solve your activities in the field of foreign trade. Shipment of goods is an integral part of international trade and therefore your right decision based on our professional help and skills, will certainly contribute to a proper understanding of the possibilities and conditions of international transport and allow you to fulfil your expectations of a successful business in foreign trade.


Certainty, security, reliability, convenience and professionalism, these are our main attributes that we offer.

We are aware that on transport market  we are the only people to whom you can turn with your requirements. And because we believe in your decision to whom you entrust  and get your goods to the hands, you take into consideration   mainly  our experiences, results and realized trading, transport and shipping cases. There were over 23 years of our work enough to be able to be  pride and full of  satisfaction that with  our work we have helped hundreds of companies not only in Slovakia, but from around the world get their shipments where needed and on terms that were and are always based on mutual benefit.

Due to the  significant complexity of our work you can arrange  practically any type of transportation and still deal only  with  one company  – ARRS FORWARDING.

We know   foreign trade and the associated transport of goods is constantly confronted with frequently changing  conditions, regulations and restrictions, and therefore an important aspect of our work is a consulting and effort to find the best ways to transport the  goods, including insurance for the entire journey. Our goal is to convince the client that offered full service for him is the  best and safest of all known aspects. Frequently changing international regulations especially in international maritime and air transport needs of all stakeholders, not only transport their knowledge but also their strict compliance. Therefore, to be successful means to be particularly well informed. Please leave these worries to us and our work is certainly reflected in your satisfaction.

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